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The Anti-Pollution Haircare System

With bridal and beauty being the very avenues that started my career, and still very much a part of my world, there was no question that hair how to’s and luxury at home care needed to be pivotal part of the Exchange.

But, you should know by now, we don’t just do haircare. We do…yes, you guessed it, HAIR EXPERIENCES.

We’re hyper focused on curating products and systems that make a REEL difference to how you FEEL in your every day life.

The Revlon Magnet Professional 3-part Anti-Pollution system, was one of the very first products I knew I HAD TO HAVE for the Exchange.

Aka, shampoo! But not just any shampoo, this is an innovative shampoo which combats the detrimental effects of environmental aggressors and poor water quality on all hair types.

It is especially effective on colored hair, preserving tone and vibrancy, creating a shield to protect the hair fiber.

Formulated with Chelating Agents, Menthol and Moringa Seed Extract, this cleanser neutralizes and repels pollutant particles, removing accumulations of minerals and metals.

After you shampoo, follow up with the Anti-Pollution Mask. It’s like having a salon treatment right in your shower!

Apply to damp hair and let sit for 3-10 minutes before rinsing.

Now, this step is sort of optional, but HIGHLY recommended. Trust me, this might just be your favorite part…

This leave in, anti-Pollution daily spray fights UV light and Air pollution, while extending the protection with a shield effect until next wash.

Goodbye pollutants and goodbye to water damage!

Our favorite part? Its lightweight formula helps prevent bad odors and protects against frizz.

Where are my fellow Italians? Girl, you know we use a lot of garlic…no more carrying around the smell of dinner the next day!

Separately, these products are a game changer to any beauty and hair routine, but together..

Say it with me…it’s an EXPERIENCE!

Are you using our Magnet Anti-Pollution System? What’s your favorite part?

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