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  • Kelly DeSerio

Take the Challeng

Updated: Mar 24

Turning a simple task into a bigger project has always been my M.O. So much so that my husband & friends have a common phrase "don't ask, its a Kelly thing." In reference that whatever I was doing or planning seemed strange to a "normal person." I wouldn't deny, making tasks more difficult than they have to be is the result quite often. Yet, I live to be challenged. Here's why - I will never find tougher competition than the bish staring back at me in the mirror. The L's I've taken have always been my BIGGEST LEARNS. The power in knowing what I do is good, because what I do is good, is limitless.

Now this doesn't mean that there won't be people who disagree. Nor am I interested in letting ego take the drivers seat. It's the complete opposite. Allowing others to have their opinion without it changing my own #selfworth is a powerful place to be. Your success should be measured daily, only by happiness. You are the only you & yes there should be many versions, each version and layer has a story, a purpose. All that develops & supports the next step of life , business or adventure. Good or bad, I know it is all for my good.

So I ask, who is more qualified to push you to take the challenge to look in mirror? To see who you are today & put a stop to anything that holds you back from feeling great and how you will measure your happiness of tomorrow? Today's struggle doesn't mean you are failing & completing goals you so diligently dreamt of, doesn't mean you will reach the feeling of fulfillment the way you had anticipated. So take the challenge you can only create for yourself! Look in the mirror & know what you do is good because it is for your own good to learn, explore, and even make things difficult at times, because in the end you are confined only by the walls you build around yourself.

Check out this fun video from my journey as a presenter of my class "Braids and Bridal" in Las Vegas. Instead of finding the typical long hair model everyone anticipated, I created a sew in look for my girl who rocks a high rise mohawk undercut and brought her along to demo & teach a 5-strand dutch braid for #hairdressers from all over the US. #starringhair Needless to say, I stood in a moment of second guessing, if I had made the right choice. The answer is always YES! Designing all the aspects of this look were way more inspiring to my audience than braiding an average envied #hairmodel .