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Introducing AZ Professional Haircare!

We have your new home haircare addiction…

Introducing AZ Professional Haircare - Filling the gap between mid-level and high-end professional brands.

After two years spent creating sulfate-free, color-safe and keratin-safe formulas, AZ Professional Haircare company has just joined the market of luxury haircare products to be used in salon or right from the comfort of your own home.

“ÄZ Haircare is made for smart and savvy individuals by inspired and innovative hair professionals. I know we have accomplished our goal,” Rodger Azadganian - AZ Founder.

Let's take a look at some of our favorite products inside the AZ catalog:

INDULGE SHAMPOO: The ultimate treat for your hair is to shampoo it with the most luxurious shampoo possible. After all… you’re worth it. This is a daily shampoo for any hair type. It gives fine hair life and coarse hair a sense of relaxation.

INDULGE CONDITIONER: This is a soothing and ultra-decadent daily conditioner meant to remind you that today is the start of something great.

ENHANCE COLOR SHAMPOO: Treat yourself to the shampoo specially made for your color-

treated hair. You didn’t color your hair to hide; you did it to enhance who you are!

ENHANCE COLOR CONDITIONER: Rest assured that your color is in the best hands when using Enhance color conditioner to seal in your colored hair. Use daily for rich, sultry colorful hair.

SOOTH SERUM: Smooth, shine, and body… a light styling creme meant to bring out the swagger in your hair and the step in your stride. Use on wet hair for light hold, shine, and style. Use on dry hair to further define your style.

CAPTIVATE STRUCTURE GELE: Define and hold… whether you’ve decided to be a secret agent or supermodel, this was made to give you the comfort of hold and style throughout your day.

Craft & Luxury

AZ Haircare contains only the highest quality ingredients, delivering pure products' performance. Without any extraneous and unnecessary elements, AZ Haircare epitomizes the quintessential product range for everyday use.

Created by craft hairdressers celebrating passionate hair professionals, their mission is to heighten the industry standard, and ReelStyle is proud to be a part of this mission! Focusing on the fundamental principles of hair design, AZ Haircare is engineered for the individual who demands quality in every step of their hair care.

Not sure which line is right for you? Book your free “video 30 minute consultation,” reply to this email, send us a DM on instagram, or ask us about AZ during your next appointment! The ReelStyle team is always happy to help.

We hope to see you soon!

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