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  • Kelly DeSerio

What it's Really like Working with your Best Friend

Updated: Mar 24

For those of you who are new here, I’ve been working with my friend Alyssa for almost three years now. Alyssa and I have been friends since we were young, and let’s say a little mischievous, teenagers.

Fun fact, Alyssa actually was my hair model when I took my licensing test, which yes, we were almost late to, but I passed with flying colors and haven’t stopped doing hair since!

Life is funny how it works out. Often as life takes childhood friends, Alyssa and I went our separate ways for a while, but reunited at what I call divine timing. I needed help keeping my growing business organized and Alyssa, who is a literal genius at that sort of stuff, was looking for her next career move. It was one of those natural occurrences that simplified both of our lives.

I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you this, my business could literally not function without everything that Alyssa does. She was able to come in, see where things needed to be improved and organized, and handle things I didn’t even know needed to be handled. My business has grown so much over the last couple years and I know will continue to grow to that next level with her by my side.

Now, onto the good stuff. People always ask us do we fight? As best friends there’s a certain assumption that a little spat will happen ever once in a while but the truth is, it doesn’t. She’s very good at keeping me on task, and I’m very good (or getting better), at communicating what I need. I think it comes in handy that Alyssa after all these years understands my shorthand or what I’m trying to say even before I say it, lol.

I think our energy feeds off each other very well and we are also very good at separating work and play. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely times where the conversations get side tracked and we start reminiscing about those crazy things we did as teenagers, but together we work very well together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it comes to hiring team members, especially someone in Alyssa’s position, you need to be a perfect energetic match for each other. You need to be able to balance each other out in areas that may not be your strong suit. I, self admittedly, am not the best at the organization side of the business. When it comes to the styling, getting to know the clients needs and wants, and recommending the best style to satisfy what they’re looking for and fits them perfectly, I thrive. It’s not about trying to do everything on your own and being the best at everything. Everyone has limitations and their zone of genius. If you’re looking to grow you business, start by expanding your team. Find the Alyssa to your Kelly!

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