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The REEL on Fall Hair Trends!

The air is crisp, the lattes are warm, the flannels have started coming out of the closet…fall is officially here!

Today, we are talking all things related to the REEL fall trends when it comes to our hair coloring, styling, tools and products, and textures.

Let’s start with fall color trends…

Color trends right now are still playful and fun! People are still looking for that flexibility to have a pop or a change to their normal, We’re definitely seeing warmer trends both in the salon and within the fashion industry.

We’re also seeing a fair share of a little something extra, even a little edginess. Sometimes this is the color and tones speaking for themselves, or sometimes this comes through with the addition of an accessory.

It’s a REEL collection of wanting to stand out, recreate, or just a general desire to do something different!

This brings us to fall styling trends…

Styling has almost taken on this notion of “anything goes”, but we are loving the uniqueness that comes from this. I think what I love the most is the nod to the different eras of fashion that have come before us and our ability to put our own REEL modern spin on things.

From a neck handkerchief, barrettes, scrunchies, a handkerchief hair tie, and even the addition of metal studs to create a cascading illusion presence are all very in right now.

There is nothing off limits, it’s just a matter of making it work for YOU.

Now, let’s talk fall tools and products...

We are still having a lot of fun with our home color care kits. This is where our Nutri creme has really come into play. Myself along with so many of our clients love having these color options right on our vanities.

Something else I’m really enjoying is the conversation we’re having inside the Exchange community surrounding scalp detox and utilizing our dry shampoo versus our detox mist. a REEL confession… fall is busy and we don’t always have the time for our normal washing routines, there’s no shame in reaching for those in between wash solutions to extend that REEL STYLE EXPERIENCE!

Everyone is going more natural which I think is another reason why root-care is so important right now.

With that said, we should not overlook the importance of your shampoo and conditioner. This sets the tone and overall condition of your hair to be able to play with your style.

We know we’ve talked about it a lot, but we just can’t get enough of it…our Magnet 3 part anti-pollution washing and conditioning system is the way to go when trying to give your hair that string healthy foundation it deserves.

And that brings us to our texturized finish...

There is only one product we would recommend..Starring!

For everyone and anyone, Starring is the most versatile product. There’s just so much you can do with it! It’s a little bit of a different experience for everyone based on their hair texture and styling preferences, which is why every purchase comes with a complimentary styling consult!

In our opinion, it’s the #1 styling product for fall as it helps us achieve all the things mentioned above!

And that’s the wrap on REEL fall trends according to Reel Style Exchange! Which trends are you excited to try this season?


Kelly + The ReelStyle Team

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