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The REEL Shower Experience

If you’re new here, let me take a second to introduce ourselves…

Hi, welcome to ReelStyle Exchange, where we believe you can turn anything into an intentional EXPERIENCE…even your shower!

Showers are our chance to start the day fresh, clean, and energized, or our place to wash away the day and start our night feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Weather you shower in the morning, the middle of the day, or at night, we love turning your at home shower into an oasis of health, wellness, and beauty that will leave you feeling REEL fresh.

We HAVE to talk about our Vitaclean shower heads. We use these in the salon to create the ultimate luxury experience for you, and now we are so excited to be able to offer an extension of this experience at home.

Not only will this elevate your shower experience, but you can also expect healthier hair AND glowing skin! YES PLEASE!

VitaClean turns your shower into a spa-like cocoon of scented aromatherapy, offering improved water pressure, and a three-level filtration system.

We think Vitaclean puts it best in saying “our showerhead filters out the nasties and creates a foundation for healthy skin and hair.”

Available in wall mount or handheld versions, you can choose your scented filter full of antioxidants and moisturizing properties for softer skin and hair.

“Where do I sign up?”

You can get started transforming your shower experience here!

Looking to elevate your shower experience even further?

We’re shouting out our 3-part Magnet anti-pollution haircare system once again! And if you’re looking to just escape it all for a few hours, don’t forget, you can always book your mini vacation, I mean hair experience appointment with us now!

Happy Showering 😝

Chat soon,

Xoxo Kelly + The ReelStyle Team

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