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Hyper Personal BEAUTY & Wellness EXPERIENCE

We’re so glad you’re here…

Welcome! We are so glad you’re here and we are so grateful to be starting this new journey together. We respect the immense about of loyalty to your beauty professionals over the years, and we are here to make this transition as smooth as possible as we work to blend the things you’ve come to know, trust, and love about your experience with LaLa Land, with new and enhanced experiences of the ReelStyle Exchange!


The ReelStyle Exchange is a Full Service Apothecary and beauty service provider that has been created to serve a community of people that are health and beauty conscious while living in a hectic and instant gratification society. We understand the work it takes to take care of yourself and now more than ever the importance of relationship, unbiased encouragement, and true genuine human connection. We aim to live and serve, making that journey individually attainable from the inside out.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshed pep in your step that only a good haircut experience can bring, an all new look, the beauty tools and products to support your at home haircare, or herbal supplements to support your inner and outer beauty, the Exchange has a little something for everyone.

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