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Shout-Out to Our Hero and Fan Favorite Products!

Inside our latest catalog, we introduced “Hero Products” as well as highlight “Fan Favorites.” Our Hero Products are the products that have virtually changed the way we work as pros, AND have offered you, our community, a luxury at-home experience. Our Fan Favorites, are the products we've noticed YOU LOVE and help to enhance your daily beauty routines.

Let's take a closer look at some of those Hero's and Fan Favorites:

Phytodetox Clarifying Detox Shampoo removes residue that makes hair look dull such as, build-up from various products, smoke, or pollution. This clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses without stripping for purified hair.

Its formula contains essential oils of eucalyptus for refreshing action, and burdock root extraction for treating excess of sebum, bringing brightness to polluted hair detoxify the scalp. Chamomile, sage, St. John’s Wort, and witch hazel extracts give comfort and shine to the hair fiber.

One of the most versatile products to have ever been produced, Starring was the first styling product to be added to our ReelStyle Exchange line of Hero Products.

With Starring, you can TRANSFORM your hair wet or dry. Using on wet hair creates a beautiful, sexy blow dry. Includes a high performance fragrance that opens with notes of fig and amber that gives way to notes of coriander and vanilla and rounded out with creamy coconut and warm woods.

In our opinion, it is the #1 styling product for any season. It’s a bit of a different experience for everyone based on their hair texture and styling preferences, which is why every purchase comes with a complimentary styling consult!


This is lightweight dryer with two speeds and two temperature settings, and includes two unbreakable nozzles. It is an energy efficient dryer that is built from recyclable materials! Features & Details: • Innovative, advanced, and futuristic hairdryer • Guarantees healthy, static-free hair • Built-in silencer greatly reduces the noise

Say goodbye to those pesky kinks! Available in tons of colors, you'll love the Kitsch hair coils. They look cute of your wrist and in your hair. Gentle on your hair, but holds it in place with ease.

Coils spread the "pressure" of a hair rubber band out over a greater surface area, helping to prevent breakage, and that horrible post tail bump. Helps Headache and kink-free!

Need to catch up on the latest catalog? Read it here! And be on the look out for Edition 3 coming in May.

We hope to see you soon!


Kelly + The ReelStyle Team

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