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Nutri-Creme: The 3-in-1 Cocktail for Your Hair


Nutri Color by Revlon Professional offers a vegan formula that gives service providers absolute creative control over coloring helping you achieve the EXACT look you desire.

We are able to create the most modern color effects by mixing shadow, blush, or clear with any of our Nutri Color Filters.

Intense colors, care, and shine, only with the safest ingredients!


We like to refer to it as the 3-in-1 cocktail for your hair.

This is a 3-in-1 semi permanent color mask that offers extreme results for color care, health, and shine! Its unique Insta-PIC Technology™ delivers direct intense color, care and shine that lasts up to 8 shampoos.

The best part? You can use it right at home! Offers 152 shades to customize care for your specific hair color, as well as clear for those who just really need shine and health restoration.


It’s simple! Apply fully and evenly across the entire scalp and hair length. Leave in for 3 minutes for color refresh or 15 minutes for fashion/intense colors on pre lightened bleached hair.

Whether you're looking for an entirely new look, or a refresh to your shine, Nutri Color Creme can help!

Not sure which color and shade is right for you? Shoot us a message over on Instagram! We are more than happy to help.

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