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The Tote You've Been Looking for...

When choosing products for the Exchange, we do so with intention and consideration for what our audience is looking for, what they need, and how they want to feel when using them.

If I’m being honest, it was about time I created a ReelStyle Branded Tote. I mean, I’ve always been a bag lady. I’m just always on-the-go and need to take my whole life with me. You never know what you’re going to need and when you're going to need it!

Whether I’m running to style a bride, taking it to the beach, the gym, filling up at Salon Centric, or keeping snacks for my kids, this tote does it all.

What this tote means to me:

Like I’ve mentioned, each of our products are chosen with intention to provide an experience, and also consideration for what is happening around us. It was a must to choose a bag made from recyclable hemp. We are proud to support New Jersey’s moves to become a bagless state and having this tote on hand when heading to the stores that no longer offer plastic bags has come in clutch. Practical AND stylish.

My favorite thing:

It’s hard to pick just one. As a busy business owner and someone who is just always on the go, multi tasking is just part of my nature. Having an on brand and versatile bag that can hold whatever I may need for the day is a must.

What I use it for:


Mostly for running place to place, but I love it for family outings too. It usually gets taken over by my kids things, but that just comes with the role, am I right?

Are you a bag lady too? What’s inside your tote?

You can grab the Exchange tote here! Tag us on social media

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